Special Care Dentistry At Saint Francis Private Hospital

Special Care Dentistry

Special Care Dentistry is a relatively new field that deals with the special needs of patients with medical problems, learning disabilities or sever anxiety to dental treatments.

Another aspect of the specialty is meeting the needs of patients who are unable to get routine dentistry and require sedation or general anaesthesia.

Dr Saifullah Khan is providing this revolutionary care at the Mullingar Dental Centre and St. Francis Private Hospital.

Dr Khan graduated as a dental surgeon in 2006 and completed post-graduate training at the prestigious Eastman Dental Institute of the University College London, from where he successfully completed his Master in Special Care Dentistry in 2011. He also holds membership of the Faculty of Dentistry of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.

What Special Dentistry Covers:

We can assist patients with the following medical issues:

  • Diabetes and other hormonal diseases
  • Hypertension, Angina and Heart problems
  • Epilepsy, Parkinson's and other neurological disorders
  • Arthritis and Osteoporosis
  • Cancer Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy
  • Bleeding disorders and patients on blood thinners
  • Pregnancy related oral problems
  • Anaemia and other blood disorders
  • Liver, GIT problems and deficiencies
  • Kidney disease
  • Allergies, Asthma and other respiratory diseases
  • Learning disability, Autism and communication disorders
  • Oral ulcers and blisters
  • White lesions, red lesions and pre-cancerous conditions
  • Bad breath
  • Dry mouth and medication related problems
  • Fungal and viral infections
  • Facial pain and joint clicking/pain
  • Gum disease

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