Insurance and payment Information At Saint Francis Private Hospital

Insurance and Payment Information

Inpatient Services

Please check with your insurance company prior to admission that your policy covers you for surgery and treatments which you require in St Francis Private Hospital.

Patients are liable for any charges not covered by their insurance company, this includes shortfalls, excesses and co-payments which must be paid on the day of admission and it is essential to check terms and conditions of your plan with your insurer prior to admission.

St Francis private Hospital is not responsible if all or part of your claim is rejected by your insurance company. In such cases these amounts will be liable by the patient.

St Francis Private Hospital accepts direct settlement of claims from the following Insurers:

insurance information for patients

Our Patient Accounts Department at St Francis will send the hospital invoice to the Health Insurers.

If you have any insurance queries after your surgery, please contact out Patient Accounts Department on 044-9385363

All patients who are covered by Health Insurance must provide details of their membership number and insurance plan on admission. Please note that Shortfalls and Excesses must be paid prior to surgery or on the day of admission. You will be notified ahead of your surgery what this will be.

Regrettably the Hospital is not responsible if, for any reason, all or part of your claim is not paid by your insurance company. In such cases the bill will be forwarded to you for payment.

Non-Insured Patients

Non-insured patients are required to pay for surgery and accommodation costs in full on the day of admission.

Please contact our Patient Accounts Department on 044-9385363 for an estimate of your surgery cost prior to admission.

The estimate will cover hospital costs only and fees for your surgeon and anesthetist will have to be agreed separately with them.

Outpatient Services - Cardiology, Radiology and Respiratory Medicine

A limited number of out-patients services are covered by some insurance, such as Cardiac Echo and Pulmonary Function tests.

For all other services payment is due on the day the service is provided. Please contact your insurer or our Patient Accounts Department on 044-9385363 regarding what outpatient services are covered.

Forms of Payment Accepted

You may settle your account by cash, personal cheque payable or the following credit debit cards: Visa, Mastercard and Laser card.

Tax Relief

Certain medical costs are tax deductible. Please refer to or contact your local tax office for more information.

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